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Kevin Drum Founder of NC Citizens for Transparent Government

NC Citizens for Transparent Government was formed by Kevin Drum in November 2021 to address the lack of transparency in the Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina.


We hope to serve the entire Old North State by providing legal help for NC citizens who have been victimized by the lack of transparency of any North Carolina Government or Governmental organization.

When lapses in transparency occur, the victims are not just the public and the press. Lack of transparency demoralizes staff and fellow council members as well. Creating a toxic environment that can destroy a municipality from within.

Keeping with full disclosure, here is a copy of the NC Citizens for Transparent Government, Inc. Articles of Incorporation.

Board of Directors

We are in the process of building our Board of Directors and Members. If you are interested in learning more about being on the board, please reach out to Kevin. 

Experts Panel
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